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Cheap House For Sale in Cleveland, Ohio!

LotNetwork ID 4868717

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Land  Century
., GA  30097
0.06 Acres   $3,899
14520 Northfield Ave
East Cleveland, OH 44112
County | Cuyahoga
Property Type | Other
Transaction Type | For Sale
MLS | LC-1612-061574
Title:Quit Claim Deed Listing ID:LC-1612-061574 Location:14520 Northfield Ave, East Cleveland, 44112 Zoning:Residential Lot Size:0.0597 Acres Road Access:Paved Rd Utilities:All utilities present Taxes:$1,600 Size: 2 beds, 1 bath, 970 sq.ft. Lot size: 2,656 sq.ft. The Elementary School is a short 6 min walk, the High School is only 0.4 miles away, as is Walgreens and the Post Office. For Sale by Owner. Built in 1912 https://www.landcentury.com/land-for-sale/ohio/cheap-house-for-sale-in-cleveland-ohio/

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Incomplete location information. Unable to map precisely.
Builder Box

Status of Site Improvements |
Proposed Foundation | N/A
Utilities and Infrastructure

Water Source| Municipal Water
Sewer Service|

Other Available Utilities | Electricity
Existing Roads? | Yes
Infrastructure Status:
Infrastructure Status Other: Paved Rd
All utilities present

Entitlements & Due Diligence

Zoning | Residential
Other Property Features & Conditions

Homes, Buildings or Other Structures? | Home
Community & Area Information

Community Price Range (for finished homes) | To
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