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  • Make your dreams come true. Helps Make Your "Home Sweet Home" Dreams Come True, the One Site for Homesites, is the nation's premier marketing site for buyers and sellers of residential lots and land. With more than 250,000 residential lot and land listings and our depth of resources to assist you in finding just the right home for your home, can help you along the path to building that home of your dreams. Once you find a lot or parcel of land for your home, use our online resources here to find the perfect house plans for your home sweet home. Also find articles about green home building trends, hiring a builder, production vs. custom homes…and more.

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Search Tips:

  • Customize your searches to get a list of potential properties that fit your needs. Use Quick Search at the top of most pages and on the Home page for a speedy search by city, state, zip or LotNetwork ID#. Want even more control? With Advanced Search you can fine-tune searches and filter results using county, keyword and other criteria.
  • Fewer properties will be returned when your search criteria are narrow. Consider broadening your search (most search criteria are optional) to receive a larger list of properties and then narrow down the list. That perfect property might be just outside your ideal criteria.
  • Focus on location first, and see how many results you get (zip code only, city/state only, etc.). Then narrow down by price, acreage and other criteria as you wish and re-run your search.
  • Use the Select Sort Criteria options above the search results to change the order of the property list.
  • Manage your Saved Searches, New Listing Alerts, Saved Favorites and more in the My LotNetwork area.
Search Tips

Saved Searches & New Listing Alerts:

  • Run your search and then click Save Search to run the same search again whenever you want.
  • Use New Listing Alerts to receive daily or weekly email alerts about new listings that match your Saved Search’s terms.
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Saved Favorites:

  • Run your search and then check the box next to listings you want to keep an eye on. Click Save Favorites to track those listings in a folder you create. Get email alerts about changes in price or status.
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Turnkey Listings:

  • Look for “Turnkey Listings” among our Featured and Premium Listings – these are flagged to let you know that a builder is associated with the lot and is ready to build a finished, turnkey home that is just for you.

Articles About Buying Lots & Land & Building Your Home

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Green homes have come a long way in the last few decades, and green housing is quickly shifting from an “alternative” way of building to...

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8 Tips for Buying Residential Lots and Land for a New Home

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7 Land Buying Nightmares to Avoid

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Tips for Subdividing Land

Learn to evaluate the risks and rewards of subdividing land into residential lots. In this first of three articles on the...

Your Next Home: Pre-Owned, Spec or Built from the Ground Up?

Most people dream of owning their own home at some point; that’s why it’s called the American Dream...

Build a Home with the Help of a Smartphone and these 8 Apps

Build a home with your Smartphone? Well, not exactly, but you can find some useful resources in Smartphone Apps that can help you...

Today’s Home Building Trends

Homebuilders always are trying to find the right mix of features and design elements to draw in new home buyers, and this can be seen in some of the...

Checklist for Hiring a Home Builder

Aside from finding and buying a lot for your new home, few decisions are as important as choosing your home...

Should You Build Your Own Home (Literally)?

Are you considering being an owner-builder? You've just bought the perfect piece of land and are ready to build...

9 Benefits of Working with a Licensed Builder

There are many benefits of working with a qualified, licensed builder when building a new home. It's safe to...

Production Homes vs. Custom Homes

One of the most important decisions you have to make when planning or buying a new home is choosing the...

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