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  • Plans starting at just $19.95/month
  • Auto-Upgrade from your MLS Listings
  • Help clients find their next homebuilding site

Built for You...The One Site for Homesites, the One Site for HomeSites, is the site for getting your lot and land properties sold. Real estate pros know that selling vacant land can be challenging, so you need the powerful tools of the nation's premier marketing site created specifically to connect buyers and sellers of residential lots and land – and the agents and brokers who represent them. Targeted exposure to active residential land buyers like builders, developers, potential homeowners and investors means your lot and land listings sell faster.

Show your clients your marketing savvy, and get your property SOLD. Whether you're selling finished lots, vacant land parcels or land for development – or if you're searching for a property for your client's next project or home – is the site for you.

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Selling Property?

  • Our Featured and Premium Listings give your property listings visibility and exposure to targeted lot and land buyers (above all MLS-sourced Basic listings).
  • Auto-upgrading from MLS listings saves you time and effort
  • Unique tools like Project Listings, Lot Copy and LotLink help you sell your client's excess lot and land inventory to buyers like builders, developers or investors.
  • Use Turnkey Listings to sell your client's builder-owned lots with to-be-built homes directly to homebuyers.
  • Reasonable month-to-month listings plans starting as low as $19.95/mo. with no contract or long-term obligation.
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Buying Property?

  • Search more than 350,000 lot and land listings nationwide for FREE.
  • Find unique deals in many exclusive listings that are not available on other web sites.
  • Help your clients find their next homesite or development project on
  • Find Turnkey Listings for clients who want both a lot and a builder for their new home.
  • Scout Project Listings for builder or developer clients looking for their next project.
  • Use Saved Searches, New Listing Alerts, Saved Favorites and other member-only tools to help you and your clients stay on top of the lot and land market.
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Listing Types, Plans & Pricing

Market your property to thousands of active lot and land buyers today!

  Premium Plans   Featured Plan
  Lowest Price Best Value   Highest Exposure
Premium Listing$19.95/mo.
Premium Listings$39.95/mo.
Featured Listing$49.95/mo.
Displays above Basic Listings in searches orange star orange star   orange star
Viewable by all searchers for free orange star orange star   orange star
Auto-upgradeAgents with MLS listings on can automatically upgrade existing listings quickly and easily. Your upgraded listings gain the highest visibility and priority in search results compared to other MLS listings. from your MLS listings orange star orange star   orange star
No long-term obligations orange star orange star   orange star
Number of listings in plan single unlimited   single
Unlimited photos and attachments orange star orange star   orange star
Add your logo, photo and website link orange star orange star   orange star
Enhanced listing format orange star orange star   orange star
Customized to target lot/land buyers orange star orange star   orange star
Showcased on homepage and key pages       orange star
Featured in e-newsletter       orange star
Twitter, Facebook & Google+ Visibility       orange star
Displays above Premium and Basic listings       orange star
  $19.95/mo. $39.95/mo.   $49.95/mo.
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Auto-Upgrading from MLS Listings:

  • If you really want to get the best visibility and marketing exposure for your lot and land listings, then you need more than just a syndicated MLS listing.
  • If your MLS listings are syndicated to you can automatically upgrade them from "Basic" MLS listings to Premium or Featured Listings using our Auto-Upgrading feature.
  • Upgrading just takes seconds, and you do not have to reenter any of your listing information
  • Plus, all your existing listing photos are automatically uploaded for you
  • Learn how to upgrade to increase your visibility to lot and land buyers and boost the effectiveness of your marketing. See detailed Auto-Upgrade steps on this page.
Upgrading MLS Listings

Sell Project Listings:

  • A “Project Listing” is a portfolio of lots or a residential development project that is for sale in a single transaction.
  • Identify your listing as a “Project Listing” to market to homebuilding industry pros – builders, developers and the real estate agents that work with them – who are looking to buy these types of properties.
  • Marketing as a Project Listing is an exclusive benefit that is included with all Featured and Premium listings on
  • Read more about Project Listings and how they can help you.
Sell Project Listings

Sell Turnkey Listings:

  • Help homebuilder clients market their builder-owned lots to sell finished homes.
  • Just mark a lot as a Turnkey Listing and buyers will know that the builder will build a turnkey home just for them.
  • With Turnkey Listings a builder can sell before breaking ground.

Lot Copy

  • We’ve got the solution to the cumbersome process of creating new listings for multiple, similar subdivision lots.
  • First add one representative listing, next use’s “Lot Copy” service to quickly and easily create multiple cloned listings and then just edit each for minor differences in address, price, acreage, etc.
  • Contact for help.
Lot Copy

Builder Box

  • Provide all the key lot and land information in one place in your Featured or Premium Listing.
  • The “Builder Box” is easily found in a listing by lot and land buyers like homebuilders, developers and investors.
Builder Box

Search Tips:

  • Customize your searches to get a list of potential properties that fit your existing or potential clients' needs. Use Quick Search at the top of most pages and on the Home page for a speedy search by city, state, zip or LotNetwork ID#. Want even more control? With Advanced Search you can fine-tune searches and filter results using county, keyword and other criteria.
  • Fewer properties will be returned when your search criteria are narrow. Consider broadening your search (most search criteria are optional) to receive a larger list of properties and then narrow down the list. That perfect property might be just outside your ideal criteria.
  • Focus on location first, and see how many results you get (zip code only, city/state only, etc.). Then narrow down by price, acreage and other criteria as you wish and re-run your search.
  • Use the Select Sort Criteria options above the search results to change the order of the property list.
  • Manage your Saved Searches, New Listing Alerts, Saved Favorites and more in the My LotNetwork area.
Search Tips

Saved Searches & New Listing Alerts:

  • Run your search and then click Save Search to run the same search again whenever you want.
  • Use New Listing Alerts to receive daily or weekly email alerts about new listings that match your Saved Search’s terms.
Save Searches

Saved Favorites:

  • Run your search and then check the box next to listings you want to keep an eye on for existing clients or prospecting new clients. Click Save Favorites to track those listings in a folder you create. Get email alerts about changes in price or status.
Save Favorites

Turnkey Listings:

  • Look for “Turnkey Listings” among our Featured and Premium Listings – these are flagged to let you know that a builder is associated with the lot and is ready to build a finished, turnkey home. You can help your client find their new home by finding their lot first.

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