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Searching for Lots and Land? is the nation's premier web site for residential lots and land.

And if you are buying -- or just searching -- there are more than 250,000 listings of lots for sale and land for sale from across the nation for you to search here on That's nearly 10 million acres of lots and land! Find your next homebuilding project or development site, that perfect lot or plot of land for your new home...or your next big dream.

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Enter your search criteria in the column on the left, and revise your search as you need. Most search criteria are optional, so you'll get more results if you only enter the search criteria you need. 

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Are you an Agent searching for your MLS Listings? 

Be sure to use our Auto-Upgrade feature that helps you easily and quickly create Premium and Featured listings on (automatically), using your existing listing information and photographs...saving you time. Your Premium and Featured listings will be seen at the top of search results and get far higher visibility on (along with other marketing benefits). Plus, after using Auto-Upgrade your new Premium and Featured listings will display an unlimited number of photos in our unique lot and land-focused listing template that helps you sell. You also can add your headshot and firm logo to your upgraded listings. Remember that to begin using the Auto-Upgrade feature you will need to register and sign up for a listing plan.

The Auto-Upgrade process is easy, and the marketing benefits are huge. First, read these simple steps about Auto-Upgrading (you also can go to this page for more information):

  • Search for your listings on -- Start your search on this page! Then just click on your Basic/MLS listing in the search results to see the property's listing page (remember, your Basic/MLS listings will only have 1 photo and minimal listing info compared to upgraded Premium and Featured listings).
  • If you already have registered and signed up for a listing plan, you can start using Auto-Upgrade right away (if you need to sign up, click here to choose a new listing plan and start the process)
  • Click the orange "Upgrade Listing" button above the map in your Basic/MLS Listing, and an Auto-Upgrade pop up appears.
  • Check the box to verify it is your listing.
  • Then click the blue or green button to select the type of listing plan you purchased (Did you sign up to post this as a Featured or Premium Listing?)
  • And then....It's done!  


Your listing information is automatically imported for you (including all your photos) and the listing is posted as Active. You may wish to confirm the property is mapped properly (use our custom Mapping Tool if you need to adjust the map) and add any other information that you need to our land-focused listing template. Then just do this process again to Auto-Upgrade any other listings that you wish to add as Premium and Featured listings on You can review all your new listings in the My Listings area under the My LotNetwork drop down at the top right (when you are logged in).

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